All Warfare and Tactics

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This is my first attempt at creating a tribe, so we'll see how this goes. This tribe is for military discussion. In politics, war is an extention of negotiations and regardless of wrong or happens. This tribe is not meant to discuss the tragic aspects, but rather the tactical aspects.
Share information like under what situations do you utilize AC-130 gunships or discuss how the Maginot Line the end of the fortress era. How did Chief Joseph out manuver the US military for so long and do it so well? Was How did Fidel and Che' defeat Batista's large well armed forces? What are modern counter guerilla tactics? Did hitler utilize his SS forces to their fullest potential? Was Ghengis Khan a stratigic mastermind or just more agressive than his opposition? How big is the current US military? How would you lead Chechen rebels to sucess? How would you stop the Chechen uprising? Are terrorist tactics effective?

You get the idea. Start a thread and use a lot of links and resources. RSS Feed what is XML?

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